Mepal Lunch pot 'Blue'


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Lunch pot Ellipse in the colour Nordic blue. This eye-catching Ellipse lunch pot from Mepal has two compartments, so you can keep the ingredients for your lunch or snack separate from each in the same container. For example, yoghurt can be stored in the bottom section with fruit or muesli in the top. When you’re ready to mix the ingredients, the two compartments come apart with a simple twist. Ingeniously, the lid for the bottom container is not formed by the base of the top compartment but is entirely separate. This clever design means there’s no mess when you unscrew the two sections. It’s super simple to use too!
Each container has its own lid, so they both stay clean. Plus, the lids fit both containers, so you won’t have to hunt for the right one in the morning. The lunch pot is made of a durable material and can be used in the freezer, microwave (with the lid removed), and dishwasher. The transparent upper container is not suitable for the microwave.


Freezer safe
Microwave safe
Suitable for contact with food
Dishwasher safe
0% BPA


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